Book Creator for the iPad by Red Jumper Studio is an app that allows users to create ebooks on your iPad with ease. It provides features that allow anyone to easily create ebooks from users with epub experience to students who are just starting out using mobile device to create a story. The simple interface allows the user to add text and photos with ease. Book Creator also provides the option to add background music as well as audio hotspots to add speech to support the text. It also allows user to add video clips. Books created in Book Creator are easily shared with friends via email, dropbox, or even save to iTunes.

As mentioned before, this app is simple to use and provides 
all the necessary features a beginning ebook creator would need. Both my daughter (age 7) and I had little trouble exploring and creating our first book. One issue that we did encounter was how to easily delete a text box, photo, or video once you have placed them within your book. If we wanted to change it right away, we found that "UNDO" worked; however, we struggled when we went out of book and then wanted to edit. One item for the wish list from my daughter would have the option to draw within the app. 

As an intervention specialist, I always take a look at how the apps can be especially useful within my classroom or to help my students become more independent. Book Creator can be used to create social stories to teach social skills or appropriate social routines. It could also be used as a tool to adapt and modify assignments or curriculum. I also see myself using this app to create reading texts that focus on students' reading levels. 

My overall impression is that this app is great for creating class ebooks, especially if you want to share on iTunes. I have explored several book creation apps over the past year. Book Creator is by far has the easiest user interface to quickly create an ebook. The ability to simply import photos and video makes this a prefect companion to any classroom, but must have for a special educator when creating specialized materials for individual students. As a mom, I see this app as a way to introduce my children to the world of digital creation by create books that are personal to them. I was lucky enough to purchase this app for $1.99 when it was on sale which I would consider a steal. Currently, the price is $4.99 which is a decent price considering the features of this app. 

I look forward using this app as part of my Digital Learning Day 2013 project! I'll be sure to keep the readers posted when this project is complete.

If you would like to see my daughter's first attempt at using Book Creator, check it out HERE.

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Book Creator for iPad - Red Jumper Studio


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